Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Myth of Healthy Organic Food: Busted ?

Dr. Sussanne Bügel and colleagues from the University of Copenhagen claim that organic food is no more nutritious than food grown with pesticides. Yes, this is the same organic produce that has its overpriced section in the popular grocery stores. In this study the team of scientists looked at retention of minerals and trace elements of carrots, kale, mature peas, apples and potatoes in animals. Three methods were used to cultivate these crops using similar soil and adjacent fields in order to maintain same weather conditions.

"The first cultivation method consisted of growing the vegetables on soil which had a low input of nutrients using animal manure and no pesticides except for one organically approved product on kale only.

The second method involved applying a low input of nutrients using animal manure, combined with use of pesticides, as much as allowed by regulation.

Finally, the third method comprised a combination of a high input of nutrients through mineral fertilisers and pesticides as legally allowed."

For over a period of two years, the produce from the three methods was then fed to animals, who were under observation for the intake and excretion of various minerals and trace elements. There was no conclusive evidence that proved that the organically grown produce contained more minerals or trace elements than the coventionally grown crops. For further information read the article published in Science Daily.


Jashua Gupta said...

Interesting post!

The gripe with food grown with pesticides has mainly been about their safety and health impact, nutritional differences haven't been as big an issue from what I understand.

I decided to check out science daily and found some interesting articles discussing why pesticide laden foods are unhealthy as well as why organic foods are disease fighting and safer.

The way to minimizing the grocery bill as well as health risks associated with pesticides is to buy only those organic foods which have high pesticide residues.